Closing In on the Finish Line

Writing a novel can be a humbling experience. Certainly getting it to this point, where I have just a few more pages to incorporate feedback, has been a fully daunting experience. I began writing Ahvarra quite a long time ago. In fact, I thought I had finished it quite a long time ago. But I’ve never necessarily been good at the bit beyond the actual writing. And so this tome, this extremely large tome, sat in a box while the responsibilities of life came along. 

And then came the magic of Kindle, of digital distribution. Authors from all over the globe, who have struggled with the same bits I’ve struggled with — the getting an agent, editor, publisher interested — came out of the shadows and began publishing their work directly. 

So I pulled Ahvarra out of its box and started working through the steps necessary to get it into the right format. My wife, who is much smarter than me, said, “Do you think you should work with someone to get some feedback on it first?”

My book, need feedback? Of course she was right. 

And so came more than a year working with some fantastic people at the Triangle Writer’s Group. And a further six months working with a select few others who are also working on their books. The debt owed to them is immense, for Ahvarra is a much better book today than it was when I started with them. 

I have their feedback now, and I’m down to the last 30 pages or so that need that feedback dissected, considered and incorporated. 

And very soon Ahvarra will be complete, and the process of turning it into a Kindle publication will begin.

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