And It’s Complete!

I just finished. I hit the “save and publish” button and Amazon whisked Ahvarra away for review. In 12 hours or so, the English version of the book will be available.

It’s difficult to describe my feelings. I’m both tremendously euphoric that I’ve gotten the book to this point, where I consider it done, ready for the world; I’m also quite a bit nervous that the world will say, “Meh.” And obviously I’m full of hope as well, that many readers will find the story interesting, riveting and will feel the pull of the characters and world I’ve created.

When I began writing Ahvarra I wanted to tackle different themes than what I saw in traditional fantasy. Much of the genre had seemed to me at the time to be locked in the epic tale of good vs. evil. It also seemed that you couldn’t pick up a fantasy novel without understanding that it was the first in a trilogy or an even longer series.

I wanted to write a story that didn’t need a sequel. I wanted to write a story where the characters weren’t good or evil necessarily, but where the reader could recognize and even sympathize with their intent. Don’t get me wrong: there are characters whom you will want to see win, and there are characters whom you will want to see lose. But that doesn’t mean that the winners are good and the losers are evil. These characters are, for the most part, people. They have goals, ambitions and interests that conflict with one another. And where there is conflict, there is a story.

I hope you enjoy reading Ahvarra as much as I enjoyed writing it.

1 thought on “And It’s Complete!

  1. Well said; and congratulations. I like the way you think, especially that last paragraph. Brings back memories of the things I used to put to paper. Love, Dad

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