Best Fans and What’s Next?

I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about my family, who are definitely my #1 fans. First off my wife is simply amazing. She has helped me find a way to host this web site, wrote most of the biography I used on Amazon (because apparently when I try to write about myself it’s boring), and has been supportive every step of the way to making Ahvarra’s publication a reality.

My eldest son immediately captured a picture of my cover and put it up on Instagram, urging his friends to buy it. 🙂 He’s taken on lead marketing duties and, once he’s caught up on all his schoolwork, wants to read the book.

My youngest son immediately started reading the book and loves it. He likes to tweet about it while he’s reading it, so he’s not only enjoying the reading but also helping with the marketing. 🙂

My brother was book sale #1 and my sister was book sale #2. 

Just want to say how great it is to have my family in full support of this book and my writing career. It is truly a pleasure and blessing!


Now, as for what’s next? Well, I’ve only sold 10 copies in the first week, so there will be a continued marketing push. Really looking forward to getting some reviews up on the site to see the reaction from my audience.

Other than that, it’s on to my second book. This one will be darker than the first. It’s also one I wrote some time ago, so I’m pulling it out of the drawer and starting the laborious self-editing process before engaging with the writer’s critique group again. 

Originally this second book was to be completely separate from Ahvarra, but again my wife stepped in with a fantastic idea. I’m going to need to make some pretty interesting modifications, but tying it to Ahvarra by sub-titling it “A Tale from the Other Side of the Heart of the World” will at least keep an over-arcing story — and a consistency to my magic system — in place.

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