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AHVARRA: The Heart of the World

The island of Lorenya is slowly being eaten by a black desert known as the Raught, and its inhabitants—both humans and a transforming race known as Ameleons—need a solution. Such a solution may exist in their own world, at the ruins of a battlefield that lies across the treacherous Raught, while another may exist by passing through Ahvarra, the Heart of the World, that connects Lorenya to a mid 21st century Earth.While one Protector of the Heart travels across the barren landscape, encountering dangers and surprises, another travels through the Heart, expecting a small colony. What she finds is a world where technology and virtual reality exceed anything she’s ever known… and where a descendant of Lorenya can help her find a path to her world’s salvation.But how did this world come to be built? What history is locked behind secrets that are hinted at in a journal written over centuries? The key to Lorenya’s survival is found in its history, and these Protectors must bring their shared knowledge together before the Ameleons transform into their aggressive nature and bring their realm to ruin.

Can history and technology combine to save one small world?

Available for your Kindle or in trade paperback from Amazon or CreateSpace

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